Colton Marsala

Looking at his photos is like seeing through his eyes. With his camera, a trusty Nikon, and his beloved dog, Kodak, he travels far and wide in search of the perfect shot. Pulling inspiration from Nick Brandt, Joseph Ross Batch, & Joshua Crispp, Colton seeks to emulate their landscape and wildlife filled oeuvre. In recent months, he’s even begun to print larger and larger prints like Brandt’s almost wall sized works of art.

Starting out, Colton began is education at Salt Lake Community College. Working with Ed Rosenberg, a major influence and mentor, he learned to develop his style and vision. On the weekends, you can find him somewhere in the Wasatch Mountains, snapping pics of bears in Glacier, watching the Badland sunsets, or rising early to catch the sunrise on the waves of Kauai’s beaches. For even more adventure photos, find his collection on the other pages.'